Twenty Nine and feeling FINE!

Celebrated the ol' turning of the year at Disney with friends. Of course had to expose the uber-geek at Test Track as well.

Its rare to say one is happier and better place than they ever have in the past, but I can safely say...that I'm in a better place now than ever before!

So who is up for Megacon!?

Who is going to Megacon?! What crazy costume(s) are you wearing?!

I'm going Saturday only, and I'll be dressed as Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood. Likely I'll be chillin' with fellow fangbangers and vampires ;)
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2009 in Review

2009 was definitely a step up from the mentally hectic 2008, however I know for many this was not the case. In my simplistic fashion, I will cut this year down into the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good
-Got Engaged
-John maintained employment and continues to do so
-Got in shape and lost a good amount of weight
-Made several new friends & grew closer to old friends
-Hooked into several new fandoms

The Bad
-Cut ties with several people, ending relationships of 7+ years even
-Harsh summer in terms of work stress

The Ugly
-Drama (and not the stage kind)

I look forward to 2010, for the wedding planning, to the trips to LA & Atlanta, to the madness spent at Disney & Universal (Harry Potter World FTW!).

So long 'oughs' and hello 'teens'!

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The day I met Bruce Campbell

Bruce has been one of my favorite actors for years (since The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.). It was amazing to get to meet him! He was very nice, hilarious, and easy to talk to.

(and yes, that's Ted Raimi in the background, whom Bruce felt a need to antagonize during his Q & A).

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